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The long-awaited CD release of the album "Happiness" will be released on 7/14 (Wed.)!

Junk Fujiyama Official Fan Site

2021/06/08 01:00


Sorry I made you wait! In response to your hot request

Album " Happiness " 7/14 (Wednesday) P- Vine will release the long-awaited CD! !!

As CD bonus tracks, recorded "friendly name" in Japan, which passed away in March representative drummer, from live in July 2011, featuring Murakami "Ponta" Shuichi.

A must-listen album for music fans seeking Good Music full of exhilarating melodies full of CITY POP feeling.

  " The original studio album, which was digitally released in November 2020 for the first time in about 7 years, is now available in the long-awaited Fikazil format.

I want to enjoy the hot junk vocals, the exhilarating and sprinting groove, in a form that can be picked up.

An ongoing city pop tune with the essence of the 70's and 80 's, including familiar songs such as "My Only SUNSHINE ", "Magic Tweet" and "Summer Acceleration ~ Kiss In My Heart ~". Full of ” ── Toshikazu Kanazawa



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